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Common Swing Mistakes

Having an excellent swing can make or break a golfer. It’s what is practiced day and and day out and the tiniest change or hiccup can cause huge issues for the game. While it can be hard to control every tiny aspect of your golf swing, there are some important things that you can do to reduce the chance of mistakes being made. In this blog, we’ll discuss some common mistakes that many golfers make and how you can avoid them. Of course, you can’t walk out on the course in any old golfing shirt or pants. Make sure you’re dressed in Carnoustie Sportswear. Our high quality and fashionable designs are sure to turn heads and make you look your best both on and off the course. Shop our Spring 2017 line today!

Not Warming Up Properly

Many golfers are so eager to get out on the course that they forget or choose to not warm up properly. Not only is this potentially dangerous and could cause an injury, but it also can drastically affect your swing. Before ever taking that first drive, slowly warm up your muscles at least for 15 minutes before you start your game. Nothing will help your golf game more than warm, limber muscles.

Wrong Clubs

Using clubs that aren’t fit to your height or aren’t good quality will be sure to cause problems during your game. Not every club is created equal, and it’s important to choose the right size and length of clubs for your personal needs and specifications. Make sure that the clubs you put in your golf bag have been properly fitted to your body.

Swinging Too Hard

A powerful golf swing definitely means that the ball will go far, right? Not so. By slowing down your swing, you’ll be able to control your consistency, arc, and distance much easier. You’ll also be able to aim the ball better with a more controlled swing. While it may be your instinct to swing as hard as you can, slowing down your entire process will produce a much cleaner game.

Poor Alignment

Positioning your body in the wrong way is one of the most common mistakes that golfers make. Often, they don’t even realize it, which may cause frustration with how they’re playing the game and why their scores aren’t improving. Enlist the help of a golf coach or teacher to help you work on your alignment. Not only will it help your own game get better, but you’ll be able to address any other issues that you may be having so the next time you walk onto the green, you’ll know exactly how to position your body, feet, and club for maximum distance and speed.

Golf is an ever-evolving sport and a great way to constantly work on your athleticism. If you’re ready to get out on the course and look amazing, head on over to our webstore. We have amazing golf gear that will be sure to impress everyone, while making you feel and look your best. Shop our Spring 2017 line now! 

Golf Etiquette 101: Part One

Golf isn’t simply a game. It’s a way to spend time with friends and family and compete in a civilized manner. There’s a reason as to why golf is referred to as the “gentleman’s game”, and this blog will cover some important etiquette guidelines and rules to follow when you’re on and off the course. One of the best ways to show your fellow players respect is to wear well-made and cared for golf clothes, and one of the best ways to do that is by wearing Carnoustie Sportswear. Designed with the golfer in mind and made to last, our golf wear is sure to make you look your best. Shop today!

Don’t Be the Slowest Player

Do your best to keep up with the other players in your group or on the green. This is one of the surest ways to annoy and irritate the other players on the course. Taking too much time to set up a swing or choose your stance to finish a put will extend the golf game for far too long and cause a backup of other players on the course. Follow the pace of everyone else on the course, especially at peak times or on holidays. Your fellow players will definitely thank you.

Keep Your Temper Under Control

Everyone misses a putt or misjudges a drive, but losing your temper will only embarrass yourself. Throwing clubs or balls, screaming obscenities, stomping off, or kicking your golf bag will show others that you have a short fuse and might not be the best partner to play with on the course. Further, you may damage the green or your clubs, which can cost you or the club where you’re playing. If you make a mistake, do your best to channel your anger into your next tee shot.

Respect Other’s Time

Running into an old friend on the course or in the clubhouse is fun, but holding him or her up for more than 10 minutes can be frustrating, especially if he or she only has time for a quick game. Also, don’t cancel a golf game at the last minute unless it’s an absolute emergency. Show up to your tee times early so you can be prepared to play. This will take you far in your golf game and show others that you care.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

If you’re playing with someone and he or she makes a bad shot, the last thing that needs to be said is “Wow, that was awful”. While encouragements and comments may be accepted from some players, it’s best to observe quietly. If you talk too much or give advice, it will only frustrate the other partner and cause him or her to lose focus. Do your best to remain pleasant but quiet as much as possible.

In our next blog, we’ll continue this discussion of proper golf etiquette. Don’t forget to suit up with Carnoustie Sportswear to look your best both on and off the course! Shop now! 

Important Muscle Groups to Target to Improve Your Golf Game

When you’re out on the course, you need your entire body to help make that ball soar and land on the green. It’s essential to your game to train in the gym to ensure that all muscle groups are working well and together so your swing is on point. In this post, we’ll detail some muscle groups that you should be working on to take your golf game to the next level. Carnoustie Sportswear is your online destination when shopping for trendy and stylish golf wear. Shop our Spring 2017 line today to look great both on the course and out on the town!


Your back supports you and is where much of your swing power stems from. A weak back will spell disaster when you really need to make that ball fly, and your game will be inconsistent because your muscles will become fatigued too quickly. Strength-training is essential to fortifying those important back muscles so that they can give you the power and control that you need the next time that you get ready to tee off. Try to train at least three times a week when you’re beginning your exercise routine, and don’t forget to stretch well. Back injuries are common in golf, and properly stretching after a workout and before a game will reduce your chances of a strained, sprained, or torn muscle.


Another part of your body that much of your swing comes from, your core also allows you to make controlled puts on the green when it really matters. If your core is out of shape, you may find yourself struggling to control your swing or putting motion every time that you step onto the course. A strong core will also increase your balance and allow you to have a strong and clean game every time. Like your back, begin training your core three times per week and remember to engage it when practicing your swing or drive. It really will make a difference!


Your hips are where that magic happens and require both flexibility and strength for an excellent and consistent swing. Lunges and squats will help with increasing your strength, and carefully stretching your hips after a workout will boost flexibility. This is a muscle group that is often overlooked but essential to playing a good game of golf every time you set a tee time. You can also try swimming and running to work on your range of motion in your hips so you can step onto the green with confidence.

Consistency is Key

Just like your putting game needs to be constantly tweaked, you need to be in the gym at least three days per week. Not only will your game improve as you strengthen these important muscle groups, but you’ll also enjoy more strength and endurance in your everyday life and activities.

Improve your golf game with these easy workout tips, and turn heads on the course in Carnoustie Sportswear. Our stylish golf wear will have you always swinging in style. Shop now!

Do's and Don'ts for Golf Beginners

When you become interested in golf, it is a new and exciting experience. However, there are some important things to know about golfing etiquette and how to respect your fellow golfers on the green, the course, and the driving range. This post will detail some basic rules that you should know so you won’t make any faux pas on the course. Of course, a big part of golfing is looking the part. Get your golf look on with Carnoustie Sportswear! Our trendy and quality golf gear will make you look professional and put together while working on your swim or your put. Shop our website today to snatch up our Spring 2017 line before it’s too late!

Do Start Out at the Practice Range

The best place to get acclimated to the game and work on your swing, drive, and put is on the practice range. It’s usually cheap or even free and you can stay as long as you like. You’ll also be able to enjoy the low-pressure aspect of the range and observe more seasoned and veteran golfers to learn from their techniques.

Don’t Spend Hundreds of Dollars on Brand-New Equipment

It can be exciting to step into a sports store or golf shop and become overwhelmed by the amount of equipment, drivers, irons, balls, and gadgets that golf has to offer. However, a used set of clubs will serve you just fine until you improve your skill and advance from novice to elementary or intermediate player. Golf equipment is expensive, and it can be easy to spend hundreds of dollars in one short visit. Start slowly and add the irons that you need as you realize that you need them to improve your game. This will save you money in the long run, especially if you only stick with the sport for a few months and then the set of clubs that you simply had to have and spent a house payment on end up in the back of your closet.

Do Observe the Rules of Your Course

All golf courses have a basic set of rules, but there are sure to be other forms of etiquette that you should be aware of as well. Take a minute to consult the course manual or rules before you step out onto the grass so as to avoid any mistakes or ignorant mix-ups that could frustrate or irritate your fellow players.

Don’t Forget to Dress Well

Showing up to play a round in an old t-shirt and shorts won’t reflect well on you or the course. Dress the part and wear a nice golfing outfit every time you play a round alone or with your friends. Not only will you look fantastic, but it will help you feel confident on the green, which will help your game.

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Tips for a Fun Golf Course Date

If you’re trying to decide on a fun date idea, consider taking your date to a golf course for a friendly round. It can be a great way to connect and get to know each other, as well as unleash your competitive side. In this blog, we’re going to discuss a few tips that will make your golf course date fun and exciting for the both of you. If you want to look great on the course and impress your date, look no further than Carnoustie Sportswear. We have the latest styles that will make you look awesome both on and off the course, and you can rest assured that our moisture-wicking fabric will keep you fresh and dry. Shop our Spring 2017 styles now!

Treat Her with Manners

When you’re on the green, make sure you don’t leave your manners in your back pocket. Let your date take the first swing, allow her to play her own game, and don’t give unsolicited advice. Try your best to treat her like you would any other player, especially if she’s good at the game. She may not appreciate if you coddle her or try to help her too much. Your relationship may still be on the fence, so if you talk too much or try to fix her swing or stance, you might not get a second date.

Stay Neutral

In the same vein, try to keep your emotions level. You may really enjoy the company of your date, but she might be horrible at golf. Try to not make her feel badly if she misses a shot or drives the ball into a pond instead of on the green. If you’ve overly complimentary of everything she does, she may feel like your patronizing her. Unfortunately, women can find hidden meanings in almost anything that you say, so staying as neutral and level-headed as possible will help to keep her comfortable and confident.

Bring Snacks

Golf is tough game and can burn hundreds of calories quickly. Surprise your date with a mid-game picnic. This will convey that you’re reliable, organized, and thoughtful. If you already know her favorite foods, try to pack a few to show that you care about her and listen when she talks. Also, try to make sure that you don’t pack anything that she’s allergic to or might not eat. If she’s a vegetarian and you hand her a turkey sandwich, you may offend her.


Laughter is a great way to keep things relaxed and enjoyable, so try to find something that you can both chuckle about. It may be the group in front of you that is all wearing matching golfing pants or the fact that you stepped in a mud puddle and now your shoes squish with every step. Having fun inside jokes will keep the awkward silences away and make your date feel comfortable around you. Just make sure that you’re not cruel towards others or making fun of her in any way.

Leave Your Phone in Your Pocket

You may have had the perfect swing that landed your ball exactly where you wanted it on the green and are itching to text your best friend about it, but wait until after you’ve driven your date home. Spending time on your cell phone will only make your date feel like you’re more interested in your friends than her, which will be extremely off-putting. Leave your phone in your car or golf bag so it’s out of your sight during the game, and only check it if she steps away for a moment. She will instantly feel special when she’s not competing with your social media posts and group text messages.

Don’t Lose Your Cool

You may have swung wrong and landed your ball in the rough, but think before you throw your club and start cursing. Not only is it ungentlemanly, it will make her feel uncomfortable, and she may even become scared of you. Even if you made a mistake that cost you the game, getting fired up about it make cost you a second date as well.

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Summer Golfing Tips

As the temperatures rise and warmer months approach, you’re probably eager to get out on the golf course and enjoy a round of 18 holes. The summer weather brings new and exciting challenges to the novice and the serious golfer. In this post, we’ll discuss some important golfing tips for summer and how you can improve your golf game. If you’re searching for quality golf wear, look no further than Carnoustie Sportswear. Offering the latest styles and amazing quality, you’ll always look professional on the course. Shop our Spring 2017 Collection now!


Try to wear light-colored clothing when you’re golfing during the hottest part of the day, which is between 10AM and 2PM. Depending on your comfort level, you can choose to wear golfing shorts or moisture-wicking pants and a polo or button-down made of the same material. The new trend of synthetic fabric that dries almost instantly will ensure that you won’t have to sacrifice your fashion game for your golf game. Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s designed for warmer temperatures so that you can keep your focus on the green, instead of your clothing.

Golf Gloves

Purchase extra gloves to keep your hands dry during the day. You may have to switch your gloves as they become damp or wet with perspiration. Purchasing rain gloves is an excellent idea if you live in a particularly humid climate so you’ll have an extra grip on your driver. Of course, keep a towel nearby as well to dry off your hands before switching gloves. Make sure to hang your gloves out to dry after your game is finished so everything will be ready when you schedule your next tee time.


While it may be annoying to have to apply sunscreen before you get out on the course, dealing with a painful sunburn after a day on the green isn’t worth it. Try using a sport sunscreen designed for athletes so it won’t drip or run down your face. Keep in mind that certain sunscreens can stain clothing, so it’s best to stay away from mists or sprays. Your best sunscreen choice is a stick, so you can quickly swipe it across your face and then go on with your game. Remember that the number on the sunscreen bottle denotes the time that you’re protected from harmful UVA/UVB rays. For example, if you’re using SPF 45, you’re protected for 45 minutes before you need to reapply. If you have problems remembering, make a note on your scorecard or set up a reminder on your cell phone.

Golf Hat or Visor

Another excellent way to keep the sun off of your face is to wear a golf hat or visor. The bill will keep the sun out of your eyes, and the added sun protection will cut down on the exposure to your face. With the many golf hat and visor options out there, you’ll be sure to find the perfect choice for your personal style and to keep your eyes and face protected from the sun.


If you know you’re going to be spending the better part of the day on the course, pack plenty of water. On a hot day, water is one of the most essential items that you can put in your golf cart and dehydration can quickly sneak up on you and cause you to feel ill. Make sure that you’re regularly drinking water, and if you do have a few beers on the course, drink twice the amount of H20 that you normally would.

Play 9 Holes

While it can be difficult to cut your golf game down, spending too much time on the course can be detrimental to your health. It’s important to take it easy during especially hot days, and if you’re able, golf during the cooler times of the day. While it may be difficult to elect to play a shorter game during the hotter months, you’ll save yourself from heat exhaustion and play a better game.

Summer golf is one of the best times to enjoy the game, but it’s important to make sure you’re playing safe so you can enjoy playing for the entire season. Don’t forget to check out Carnoustie Sportswear for all of your golf wear needs! Shop now! 

Nutrition is Important for Golfers

If you’re serious about your golf game, it’s crucial to your performance to get proper nutrition both before and after your game. While you may think that you might not need to be super vigilant about your nutrition, it is the fuel that keeps you going on an intense game of 18 holes or a quick Par-3. In this blog, we’re going to discuss some essential nutrition tips for golfers and how you can eat well to boost your performance. Don’t forget to shop Carnoustie Sportswear if you’re searching stylish and attractive golf wear. You’ll look handsome on and off the course, and you can be sure that Carnoustie has the latest styles and trends in golf wear. Shop our website today!


The average round of golf can last between four to five hours, so if you’re not eating plenty of both simple and complex carbohydrates, your energy level will wane and struggle during the last few holes. Before you get out on the course, eat a meal that has plenty of simple and complex carbohydrates to ensure that your stamina is level during your entire game. A few examples of both complex and simple carbohydrates include:

  • Fruits, such as bananas, apples, strawberries, blueberries, and melon
  • Sweet potato
  • Whole grains
  • Legumes
  • Milk


Protein helps your muscles to recover and grow after an intense game of golf. It’s essential to eat a meal that has plenty of protein in it after a day spent on the course. You may not feel hungry after you finish your last hole, but protein is the building block for strong and lean muscles. Some great lean protein sources include:

  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Lean ground beef
  • Legumes
  • Nuts

If you’re a vegetarian but still need some excellent protein sources, you can consume these foods:

  • Tofu
  • Soy protein
  • Legumes
  • Nut butters
  • Quiona
  • Low-fat/nonfat cottage cheese
  • Low-fat/nonfat yogurt

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

One of the most essential parts of playing any type of sport, adequate water consumption can truly make or break your game. Dehydration can lead to muscle cramps or pain, reduced concentration, brain fogginess, fatigue, and higher heart rate. When you’re exercising or perspiring heavily, your body is expelling energy and losing weight. If you’re not consuming plenty of water to replace this weight, your heart rate will steadily increase, which can hinder performance. While this is a great byproduct of exercise for someone who wants to lose weight, it can negatively affect athletes. If you know you’re going to be spending several hours on the course, pack your cart with plenty of water. You should be trying to consume 8-10 ounces of water every hour, and if it’s especially hot or humid outside, drinking more around 12-16.


If you’ve spent an entire day on the course and you’re completely spent, it’s important to recover correctly. Even though it’s popular to leave the course and go enjoy a few drinks with your friends, you should be consuming plenty of water and a meal full of whole and clean foods to help your body recover correctly. You’ve just expended a vast amount of energy and your muscles are exhausted. It’s crucial to consume plenty of healthy foods immediately following an intense game, or you’ll miss the window that your body has to repair and recover. Don’t miss this vital window, or you may experience extended muscle fatigue and weakness.

Stretch Properly

Take excellent care of your body by stretching your muscles following a game. Not only will you increase your flexibility over time, but you’ll help your muscles to relax and recover better. Take some time to stretch your hamstrings, back, shoulders, legs, arms, and neck. You can complete your stretching routine in less than half an hour, and you’ll discover that your swing is more fluid and controlled after taking care of those hard-working muscles.

Taking care of your body through proper nutrition is crucial to your overall golfing performance. You can’t drink sodas and eat chocolate regularly and expect to play your best game. Eating well is essential to playing well. It’s also essential to have quality and well-made golf wear, so if you’re searching for awesome golf shirts and pants, look no further than Carnoustie Sportswear! Shop our Spring 2017 line today! 

More Cold Weather Training Tips

As we’ve mentioned before, just because the weather outside is cold and unforgiving does not mean that your golf game has to suffer from it. Carnoustie Sportswear not only believes that golf wear is made to be worn year round, but playing golf is meant for all 12 months of the year as well. Rather than posting up on the couch when the thermostat dips, utilizing that time to improve your golf knowledge and expertise will only pay dividends when the snow melts and the courses are green. We’ll take a look at some other steps you can take to make your offseason more beneficial.

Nets are Your Friend

A piece of golf equipment often overlooked is a standing net. Much like what kickers in the NFL use to warm up on the sidelines, investing in a similar net can pay massive dividends for your golf swing. Wearing your golf pants and other golf attire will also make hitting balls into a net much more beneficial, as it will simulate conditions as well as you can indoors. A net will allow you some flexibility in terms of angles and clubs, while also allowing you to swing in an enclosed space without fear of breaking any valuables.


Golf is not just a game of inches, but a game of continual twisting and turning. Whether you have a powerful and quick-turning swing or have to stand at an awkward angle in a bunker, your body may be unforgiving of the odd positions you make it assume. With this in mind, taking up a stretching regimen will help make sure your body is used to the torsion and explosiveness a golf swing requires when the spring rolls around. You may not be used to yoga, but it can be a big help in creating flexibility as well as giving you another physical activity with which to occupy your time if your local golf course is covered in snow. Golf pants are great, but they aren’t meant to be worn out in below-freezing temperatures, so opt for some stretches instead. Better yet, do some trunk or shoulder stretches with your clubs in hand will help your body stay used to handling a golf club.

Read Golf Technique

Reading books is a great way to spend the time when you’re snowed in. There are countless books on topics from the best golf ball, what golf apparel is best for the course, golf etiquette, golf history, and especially golf technique. Maybe you’ve developed a slice you can’t shake or you’re looking for a way to get more loft on your chip shots. Reading a book that covers the subject can help you begin formulating more ideas for your game and give you ways to visualize your game you never encountered before. It may also enlighten you on a topic or a method you had never heard about, giving you ample time to practice before hitting the links.

Get Used to Your Golf Apparel

Golf gear, as comfortable as it is off the rack, can always use some getting used to. Golf shorts and trousers can certainly take some getting used to, especially if you are investing in a new brand like Carnoustie Sportswear. Taking some of our advice and practicing with a net or stretching with your golf clubs are great steps, but go even further and wear what you would wear on the course. Breaking in your new golf polos and pants will make them that much more comfortable when the season begins.

Carnoustie Sportswear wants you to be ready for the next golf season, and taking the winter off is the last thing you should do. Instead, use the colder months to improve your game, buy some new golf apparel, and for mental preparation. When you are ready for that new gear, shop our wide variety of golf clothing and apparel and look and feel your best on the links!

Shorts on the Golf Course

Here at Carnoustie Sportswear, we want men and women to look and feel their best out on the golf course, regardless of temperature or other playing conditions. If you are a fan of the sport, you may have caught a tournament or two on television and noticed something; golfers on the professional tour do not wear shorts, nor are they allowed to do so. You may be wondering if something is wrong and questioning your recent purchase of several pairs of golf shorts and contemplating exchanging them for some more appropriate golf trousers. While there is no wrong answer here, today we want to take a look at why shorts are an okay option for your next golf outing and why you don’t need to worry if you don’t look like a golfer on tour.

Weather Dictates Your Outfit

When dressing for a round of eighteen with your normal group, you should plan your outfit according to the weather that day. If you’re playing out in Scottsdale in the dead of summer, wearing a half-zip golf jacket and pants probably doesn’t make sense. Rather, you want to be comfortable in what you’re wearing and know that you can easily make it through several hours of play. Your golf shorts can be broken out when the weather calls for it, and the same goes for your jackets and windbreakers.

Most Courses Have Loosened Their Dress Code

For a while, golf was associated with higher social classes and played by people who could afford it. With that in mind, private and public golf courses alike often held dress codes when it came to golf attire. From ladies golf clothes to men’s golf polos and trousers, there were continual minute details each course would demand players adhere to. Nowadays, as golf courses and the game itself aims to be accessible to a wider audience, the dress code has also loosened up. Now, golf shorts are allowed, hats and cell phones are no longer seen as a nuisance, and a player’s golf fashion does not have to fall within certain limitations. With that in mind, Carnoustie Sportswear has plenty of golf clothes and apparel for women and men who are looking for more options in their links wardrobe.

You’re Not a Professional

You might be a professional golfer, but in most cases the casual golfer plays not for competition but for a hobby. In such cases, players will not be subject to the rules of any sort of governing body of golf or their rules. This means there is, for the most part, no one who can tell you what to wear on what course, other than the course itself. You are not subject to a monetary fine if you don’t wear golf pants on the course, so you have the freedom to wear your favorite pair of shorts during any golf excursion.

Carnoustie Sportswear wants to ensure that our customers are comfortable and fashionable on the golf course. Men’s and women’s golf apparel and attire is our specialty, and we will make sure you look great no matter when or where you play next. Shop our fall collection today and get ready to be the best dressed on the green!

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