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Performance Golf Apparel Guide

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Many of you may know that what you choose to wear on the golf course impacts the quality of your play. What you might not know is exactly how this works. Essentially, your golf apparel affects three important factors in your game: comfort, safety, and confidence. Proper golf apparel allows you to be comfortable and safe throughout your game. High quality and durable materials enhance the confidence of any golfer. Let’s take a deeper look at how these three factors can improve or diminish the quality of your game.


When considering the items needed to complete a golf wardrobe, you should include headwear, tops, bottoms, gloves, footwear, and eyewear. Two of the most important pieces of course, are tops and bottoms. Many people think that baggy clothing will be more comfortable to play in and will also help to hide any extra weight they may be carrying. Unfortunately, neither of these ideas are true. In the middle of a round of golf, baggy clothing will become uncomfortable, and a hindrance to your performance. Rather than providing plenty of room for you to move around, it will get in the way of that perfect slice that you’ve been chasing. If you are truly working on improving your game, you need to make sure to find clothes that are a nice, trim fit. If you’re concerned about the fit accentuating your waistline, choose a belt that matches either the color of your top, or your bottom. The lack of contrast will reduce the attention drawn to this area.

Carnoustie Sportswear offers a wide variety of tops for every golfer. Whether you are looking for a classic polo, a performance tech pullover, or a new pair of khakis, we have the right golf apparel for you. Our polos, knits, and trousers will help you look your best, and provide the comfort you need during that next round of golf. Check out our online store today.


Most people don’t think of danger when they think of golf. While it is definitely not an extreme sport, there are dangers that need to be considered. Weather is fickle and can be our worst enemy when caught outside, unawares. Carnoustie Sportswear provides you with a number of different options when it comes to the proper outerwear for golf. From performance pullovers, to quarter zip vests, and waterproof jackets, you will be sure to find what you need.

You may be familiar with the expression that says a little water never hurt anyone. That’s true, if the emphasis is on little. When you’re out on the course playing a full 18 holes, rain and cold air are not welcome. Rain can quickly soak through your clothes, leaving you wet and cold and primed for catching a cold. Wearing the proper outerwear can make the difference between miserably slogging through the last few holes, or enjoying golfing despite the rain. Be sure to look at our line of outerwear for performance micro poly and breathable fabrics to help keep you dry and safe on the course.


Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. This statement is no less true when it comes to how you carry yourself on the golf course. You may not be a professional golfer, or even a great golfer, but the right clothes can inspire you to have the confidence you need to improve your game. Attractive clothes that fit well are a huge factor in the way that we see ourselves. Dress well and you will be motivated to play well. Our mindset is affected by the way we present ourselves, and that train of thought greatly impacts the way that we behave and perform throughout the day. Purchasing high-performance golf apparel from Carnoustie Sportswear will be sure to give you the mental boost you need. Our clothes are tailored to fit well and keep you looking great throughout your round of golf.

Whether your style is the classic polo, a woven sport shirt, or a combination of a crew neck sweater with a collared shirt underneath, we have a wide selection of high-performance, top-quality classic looks. Golf should be an enjoyable activity and our clothes can make the difference. For comfort, safety, and confidence, turn to Carnoustie and our performance golf apparel. Carnoustie Sportswear offers a full line of high-performance golf apparel for men and women. Shop online today.