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Top 5 Reasons To Play Golf This Fall

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Whether you are embarking on your golfing journey, or have been playing for years, you should know that your clothing can impact your level of play. Keeping this in mind, make sure to choose the best golf clothing for men and women by shopping Carnoustie Sportswear. Our golf apparel is the preferred choice for both amateur and professional golfers alike. If you are in need of warmer golf clothing items as we head into fall, make sure to check out our complete line of sweaters, vests, and outerwear.

Fall is a wonderful time of year for many things, including playing a round of golf. The leaves begin to change colors, the air becomes cooler, and there is still time to squeeze in a few more rounds of golf before winter arrives. If you thought that it was time to put away your clubs until next spring, let us provide you with some reasons to tempt you back to the course to enjoy one more round of golf.


The air might be a bit crisp at times, but isn’t it a nice change of pace from the sweltering days of summer? Your clothes won’t stick to you because of sweat, and there is usually a nice breeze which can help some long holes actually feel short. If your wardrobe is a little thin on clothing for the fall, Carnoustie offers golfing apparel for all seasons. If you are looking to add some moisture-wicking polos, or performance polos to your wardrobe, we have a wide variety of styles available.


The fall season typically offers some great deals at courses you might normally avoid due to their cost. You may have to deal with aerated greens, but wouldn’t it be nice to play at one of your dream courses for less than it normally costs?


One advantage of playing late in the season is that your expectations will be relaxed. Without the pressure of expecting to shoot the lights out, you can relax and focus on the shot at hand. Wearing top quality clothing from Carnoustie Sportswear will also help your performance. Browse our online store for your golf clothing needs this fall.


One advantage to cooler weather and the end of golf season is that there just aren’t as many players out there. The pace of your game is up to you, and not the foursome who is right behind you. Being able to play in a more relaxed environment leads to a fuller appreciation of your surroundings. Fewer players allows you to more fully enjoy the beauty around you. Golfing during the fall is like golfing in a painting, or a photograph. Enjoy the sights of golfing in the fall.


As we mentioned earlier, you will be able to find that prices at courses have dropped, allowing you to play for less. In addition to this, golf clothes and clubs will also be marked down. This is a great time to try out new clubs and see how they work for you. If you’re looking for clothes, check out Carnoustie Sportswear’s sale items for golf apparel for men and women. All these savings mean you will have more money for golfing when spring rolls around.